Using Technology in Language Arts

Personal Projects in Educational Technology

Cut-up: visualizing text

After experimenting with the Python microframework Flask, I decided to explore the popular Javascript framework jQuery and its It turned out to have a "draggable" function which worked great for my idea of adapting the "cut up and re-arrange the poem or essay" activity I'd seen used to good effect in classrooms.

My project partner contributed to the design and provided the entertaining Flash intro animation.

Try it here!
Source code published on GitHub.

Drag around paragraphs to experiment with transitions
Crossword generator
Developing a Python web application

Generating your own crossword puzzles

In the classroom, an online crossword puzzle generator comes in handy—say, for weekly vocabulary quiz review homework. How hard could one be to write? I set about to find out using my favorite programming language, Python.

I'd used the popular Python web framework Django before, but it seemed like overkill. I looked into the "microframework" Flask, and loved its simplicity and compactness.

Try it here!
Source code published on GitHub.

He'e Nalu: A quick surfing story

Experimenting with Twine, I made my first little story. What could be done? Optional digressions? Multiple endings? Images, or just lots of text? How about audio?

My next experiment will likely be very different, but this was a fun way to start.

Read it here!

Use a visual tool to create narrative connections
Create your own hypertext narrative, connecting text with this "word web" spacial tool