Using Technology in Language Arts

Resources for and Introduction to Interactive Fiction

Using Twine to create Hypertext stories in the Classroom

Twine lowers the barrier to writing hypertext fiction for the web. While starting extremely simple, Twine facilitates CSS and HTML customization, making it useful in teaching both modern narrative and scaffolding web technologies.

Start simple and branch out with Twine's branching story editor


Let's tell a story together: A history of Interactive Fiction
Lots of interesting tidbits about the origin of Interactive Fiction's commercially popular days in the 80s and 90s.
Get Lamp
"A documentary about adventures in text." Watch the trailer!
Brass Lantern
Articles reviewing and describing current technologies and theories of Interactive Fiction.
Planet IF
Aggregator of current blogs and articles on Interactive Fiction, with a broad range of topics and technologies.
Branching storylines
Aaron Reed's book uses this image for branching text and narrative